Pictures of Pioneers and Places in
Mid West Manitoba

Family Pics
          Carmichael, Mary   Clanwilliam MB
       Fawcett Family from Wawanesa
         Frazer, Richard Pattersonfrom Clanwilliam
         Price, Richard Price  Clanwilliam MB
         Frazer, Evelyn,Robert, Harold
          Frazer, George  Clanwilliam MB
          Frazer, Harvey  Clanwilliam MB
          Frazer Melville  Manitoba
          Frazer, Lorna   Clanwilliam MB
          Frazer, Rhoda  Clanwilliam MB
          Graham, Alexander   Clanwilliam MB
          Graham, Janet  Clanwilliam Manitoba
          Gray, Clara May
          Hamilton, J.J.  one of the Neepawa founders
          Lewis, Hugh  Minnedosa's first Chief Constable
          Pollon, Simon   Clanwilliam Pioneers
          Price, Susan  Clanwilliam MB
          Richards, "Don" Harold Mervin  Clanwilliam MB
          Richards, Fred, Alex, Don
         Richards,Williamfrom Clanwiliam

Town Pics
        Lakelet School
     Erickson Manitoba
     Minnedosa View From South End
        Minnedosa   about 1930's
        Minnedosa   down main st Minnedosa
        MinnedosaA music recital in the Legion Hall of Minnedosa, Manitoba probably in the spring of 1952.
    Neepawa taken about 1906
        Neepawa   Hardware Store
     Neepawa Castle one of the Neepawa Landmarks
     North West Territories    just east of Gladstone
     Rossburn pics circa 1928
     Shoal Lake  English Church, Boating, 226th Platoon
     Strathclair about 1950

 If you have pictures of Manitoban's you would like to see here,
email the file to me at with a little note of who they are.


Bill Richards
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